MNT Pocket Reform Keycap Set (100 pieces)

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100x blank keycaps originally designed by MNT and FKCaps for the MNT Pocket Reform mini laptop.

These keycaps are designed for the low profile Kailh Choc switches, but they have a smaller area than regular keycaps. What's special about these keycaps is that they allow you to create a denser arrangement of switches, for example 15mm center-to-center switch distance. They also come with a slight spherical indentation that's pleasant to touch—and to look at.

The body of the caps is injection molded translucent ABS with a thin PU coating. The caps are designed for backlighting and can be lettered by selectively removing parts of the PU coating with a standard CO2 laser engraver.

MNT Pocket Reform Keycap Set (100 pieces)