MNT Reform Camera

An Open Hardware Camera with Retro Aesthetics.

This camera is an add-on for the MNT Reform open hardware laptop. It can also be used with any other USB capable computer as it has a Type-C connector with USB 3.0 and 2.0 signals. It provides an open and customizable solution for HD video telephony. The ultra wide-angle lens creates a panoramic, lomographic (fisheye) image.


The modular case is made of durable CNC milled, bead blasted, black anodized aluminum. The nylon clip-on grip allows the camera to rotate/tilt in 2 axes. The U-shaped tilting mount has a UNC 1/4 inch thread, making it compatible with standard camera mounting equipment such as tripods.

As a standard USB Video Class Device, the MNT Reform Camera works with any operating system such as Linux, macOS and Windows.

Detailed Specs

  • Up to 2592x1944 resolution (5 MP) with USB 3.0
  • Image sensor: Omnivision OV5640 (modular, on 24-pin FPC connector)
  • USB Video Class Device (no special drivers necessary)
  • Lens: 120 degree wide angle fixed focus, S-Mount (M12)
  • Activity LED
  • Connector: USB-C receptable with automatic plug reversing
  • MIPI-CSI to USB 3.0 bridge: Infineon/Cypress EZ-USB CX3
  • 4Mb SPI Flash for firmware (source available)
  • Internal JTAG and UART debug connectors
  • Firmware source/SDK available at Infineon after registration


The electronics were designed by F. Schneider in KiCAD. The enclosure and mount were designed by Greta Melnik using FreeCAD. The designs are open hardware under CERN OHL-S 2.0.

This project was made possible through funding by NLNet.

In the Box

  • MNT Reform Camera
  • USB-C cable
  • 1 clip
  • Manual


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