MNT Reform Keycap Set

In stock. Ships in approx. 2 weeks. (Updated 2023-06-02)

This set of keycaps is compatible with the MNT Reform laptop and for the MNT Reform USB Keyboard. The set consists of 82 caps: 72×1U and 10×1.5U.

The highly ergonomic and pleasant concave keycaps are called MBK and are designed and made by FKcaps. These fit on the Kailh Choc series of keyswitches.

The body of the caps is injection molded translucent ABS with a thin PU coating. To create the backlight compatible lettering, we selectively remove parts of the coating using a laser in our Berlin studio.

We are regularly designing new engravings for international locales. If you can't find your desired engraving here, please drop us a line.

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