This product is discontinued. You might be interested in ZZ9000.

Connect VA2000CX to your VA2000 and play classic Amiga games through the graphics card over HDMI/DVI output.

The digital video signals are taken directly from the Amiga 2000/3000/4000 video slot. No analog/digital conversion takes place between the Amiga chipset and the monitor, giving you the best possible pixel quality.

Includes cable for connection to VA2000.


  • Realtime capture of 12-bit digital color from ECS chipset into VA2000 framebuffer
  • Seamlessly switch between VA2000 RTG modes and Amiga native modes on the same display
  • Use early start-up menu via VA2000
  • Supported input resolutions: PAL LowRes, PAL HiRes, NTSC LowRes, NTSC HiRes
  • De-interlacer/flickerfixer supports Interlace modes and removes flicker automatically (FW 1.8.3+)
  • Output resolution 640x480@60Hz or 640x512@60Hz


  • No support for AGA 24-bit color (works with AGA, but displays only 12-bit color resolution)
  • 12 expansion pins require future firmware/software update