ZZ9500CX Denise Adapter for ZZ9000

Gain Native Video Output on Amiga 500 with ZZ9000.

Warning: For advanced users only. Requires opening your Amiga and replacing a socketed chip, which can lead to damage if done improperly.

ZZ9500CX is a little interposer PCB that plugs into the Denise socket of your Amiga 500 (or other custom Amiga), and Denise goes into ZZ9500CX's socket in turn. The digital video output of Denise will then be available on the IDC Socket which you can connect to ZZ9000 to gain scandoubler functionality on Amigas that have no Video Slot.

If you want to use this with your existing ZZ9000, please put the Amiga 500 firmware (BOOT.BIN) on ZZ9000's MicroSD card for correct operation.

In the Box

  • ZZ9500CX Denise Adapter
  • 40 cm long Scandoubler Cable
  • Manual


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