MNT Reform Protected Battery Board

Stock Information

(Updated 2023-04-05) The item is now out of stock, but you can preorder. The next batch is in production and will be available in June 2023.

Protects your LiFePO4 cells and gives you peace of mind when leaving MNT Reform uncharged for a longer time.

Features: Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent protection.

Drop-in replacement.

1 pair (2 pieces, as shown in photos).

Cells not included.

For further details, check out the circuit diagram here.

The KiCaD project can be accessed here.

The Protected Battery Board can be used with other hardware: The boards have a Molex Pico-Lock Connector with 5 pins. You can get ready-made cables for those at DigiKey (e.g. Molex 151320502). Pin 1 and 5 are plus and minus, the pins in-between are intended as measuring and balancing conduits (each connected to the positive pole of a cell), but do not need to be used. Important: The whole charging/balancing technology is located on the motherboard. But it would be possible to charge the cells separately with a charger (e.g. Nitecore), or to add a current-limited 14.4V source for charging (4*3.6V). The LiFePO4 batteries don't need special charging technology (in contrast to Li-ion!).

MNT Reform Protected Battery Board